baguette appetizer, 2 ways

These are two of my go-to appetizers for when we're having a bunch of people over and I need to make something fast but fancy. Sure beats chips and dip, and is *almost* as simple :)

Grab a baguette, and make sure it's fresh! The good Lord has blessed me with about 10 places that provide this within five minutes walking. I love the city so much. But I digress...

Cut your baguette in half, length wise, so you have two open-faced sides. Bake @ 350 for 5 minutes, just to make it warm and crispy (once your toppings are ready). Then cut those halved sides into several bite-sized pieces.

Then for your easy, delicious toppings ///

First way: Smoked Salmon with Lemony Sauce on Baguette
mix the zest of 1 lemon, 4 table spoons of mayo (I use Hellmens, light mayo), and ground pepper in a bowl. Spread over baguette pieces. Top with small piece of smoked salmon* and a small bit of dill (if you have it). People are always shocked when I tell them what the "sauce" consists of!

Second way: White Bean Pesto with Cherry Tomatoes on Baguette
In a blender, mix 1 can of navy beans, half a bunch of green onions, roasted garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and half a bunch of parsley. Adjust oil, salt, pepper, and lemon to taste. It will end with the texture of hummus and is so delicious + healthy! Top baguette with pesto dip and a cherry tomato sliced in half.

This appetizer takes about 10 minutes to make + assemble and is soooooooooo good. Try it for your next dinner party or get together. Heck, I'm making it for the next Habs game! Serve on a big cutting board - the same one you cut your bread on to limit dirty dishes)

*smoked salmon seems gourmet and expensive, 
but you're not using much here! We just used $8 
worth of smoked salmon for this recipe, and it 
fed 6 adults!

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  1. I used to make something similar with smoked salmon but I used cream cheese and one caper to top it off. yum yum