hot/cold pizza

I'm on a recipe kick this week! pssst: There will be one tomorrow for rosemary shortbread too!

When I'm not completely averse to every food under the sun, one of my cravings has been salty foods. I haven't baked in weeks! I made up this hot/cold pizza a few weeks ago when the pregnancy cravings were just starting to kick in and there were no aversions yet. So tasty and the warm/cold contrast is fun + yummy!

(1) Start with pizza dough. I use this recipe every time (bonus: the recipe makes two pizza doughs, so you can freeze one!). Top with pesto and Parmesan cheese for your cheese. There is no melty/googy cheese on this pizza. Bake @ 450 for 10 minutes or until done.

(2) Fry up some prosciutto or pancetta (it's basically bacon, which would work too, but slightly fancier, and I think way more tasty), set aside

(3) In a bowl combine: chopped mint, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced black + green olives, a couple chopped roasted red peppers, ground pepper, olive oil

(4) When pizza dough is done, top with tomato mixture and fried pancetta and serve.


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  1. yum, this sounds so good! I don't think I've ever had mint on a pizza, but I would love to try it :)