2012 salt dough ornaments

As you read this, we're en route to spend Christmas with our family in Ontario! I've pre-written and schedules a few posts but won't be live blogging until the New Year. 

This was the first year (since childhood) that I attempted to make my own ornaments. Salt dough seemed the easiest way to go. I love how easy the dough is to play with! The basic recipe (below) can be made in seconds though baking time varies significantly. I followed instructions that said bake @ 200 for 10 minutes on each side (20 minutes total) and found that wasn't near enough time for even my thinnest, smallest ornaments. I think you need to allow for ornament thickness, size, and your oven's power - so keep an eye on them!

Salt Dough Ornaments:
  • 1 C flour
  • 1 C table salt
  • 3/4 C water
Mix then roll out like dough, cut shapes with knife or cookie cutters (don't forget to make holes for string to hang them on the tree!)
Bake @ 200 flipping occasionally, for as long as needed until hard.

I wanted to do some traditional ornaments to give to neighbours a gifts and then some unique ones. My first idea came out really true to life and I'm so happy with the results! Inspired by the legendary Hudson's Bay Company blankets, these ornaments needed two holes since they're pretty heavy.

I was lucky enough to find one of these blankets (almost good as new) at Salvation Army two years ago for $10. It smelled AWFUL and needed probably ten washes before it was neutral, but I consider it one of my best finds (they sell for $300). Definitely a symbol of comfort, cozy, and Canada in my mind - so perfect for a Christmas ornament!

Here are the more traditional ornaments we made with cookie cutters. Lily finger painted them all with her favourite colours :) We gave these to our upstairs and downstairs neighbours and a few friends.

For my Starbucks loving friends and family, I made these. I cut the coffee cup shape with a knife and Lily painted the white portion. The logo was too hard to do with the paint brushes and skills I have, but you get the idea ;)

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