merry merry merry eCard

Every year we get fewer and fewer holiday cards in the mail. I am certain we're not loosing friends (right? buddies? affirm?) which only means one thing: people aren't sending holiday cards by mail as much anymore. I do love receiving cards and family photos in the month of December though! Love it! Thanks to all the lovely people who took the time to send our family a card or photo to wish us a Happy Christmas. We proudly display your beautiful faces and think of you all the more because your family is visible to us thanks to your thoughtful card.

But to all of you who didn't - no big. I get it. We didn't send one either. We did a mass e-Card and added text (thanks, picmonkey.com) to a picture that my dear friend Morgan took of our family. A few days ago the weather in Montreal was nothing short of perfection. Big snowflakes were slowly fluttering down, there was a lovely dusting of white on all the city grime and heritage buildings on our street, and the air was mild enough for us to be on our balcony without our parkas. Morgan rushed over and took our first family photo in over 13 months.

Remember our last one? I love this years! Thanks Morgan! I'll be posting a few more from her shoot of our fam soon, but for now enjoy our eCard :) Happy Christmas! Joyeux Noel!


  1. sooo cute!!! wow, annie is going to be about oli's size this time next year...incredible!!!! i can't even believe we live sooo close and still haven't made it to see you guys...we should make it happen in the next few months!!!

    1. Girlfriend I would die to have you, Mike, and Anniebird! Let's do it while your hubs is off on Paternity Leave! xo

  2. I love this photo. It looks like an action shot, with both kids wanting to escape!