I know I just recently posted a melange post, but the Internet has been chalk full of inspiration for me lately, so I had to do another. I've devoured the following links and love love love 'em. Hope you enjoy the filtered posts (:
  • As an avid Craigslist-er, I loved this post full of great tips from some pros. 
  • Acts of service & words of affirmation have rapidly become my new love languages since having kids, whereas they used to be touch & gifts used to top the list. Maybe because I'm touching babies all day and need more help around the house? This blog post on the love languages was really insightful for me this week.
  • Could I love this any more?
  • Pumpkin Crème Brûlée? oh. em. gee. (gee as in gee wiz, duh)
  • "Perhaps we have misconceptions about what hospitality is. Perhaps we define it according to a worldly lens, where hospitality can only happen when we finally get our home to look like a Pottery Barn catalog and a menu from Bon Appetit perfected..."
  • Signs your child is your idol. Powerful post that led me to some serious reflection this week. 
  • great tips on breastfeeding (and twins at that!) from a wonderful mama of 9.
  • How much would I love a custom family stamp? A lot. We send a great deal of mail around here and it might be a brilliant time-saver and all kinds of lovely.


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  1. i really enjoyed the posts on hospitality and getting kids to talk! bookmarked them to read again. thanks for sharing :)