ABCs ::: Alberta, Bread, Colour.

A is for Alberta. 

We're headed there (my first time!) on Monday for a 4 day conference with our church planting network. I love Canada and am excited to experience another province. The high is -5 out there so we're packing warm clothes :) I'm most eager to spend some quality time away from the kids, alone with Brad. The last time we did this was 6 months ago for three days. Needed.  Also I'm really looking forward to getting some solid training from other church planters and their wives. We are so new to all of this and their experience, advice, wisdom will be so valuable to us and our church.

But what about the littles? We asked both of our parents if they could watch the grand kids, but the thing with church conferences is that they tend to be during the week. Pastor's are kinda busy on Sundays as it were. Both sets of grandparents were willing to take the week off work without pay (love them!), but neither set could get the time off cleared by the powers above them. Frustrating. We almost missed the conference, which is obviously no kids allowed. Until our dear friends Morgan and Sam saved the day! These newlyweds are about to get a dose of future reality and we love them for it. They're moving to our house and watching the kids day and night until we return. Can you imagine? Best.

B is for bread. 

I've never made my own bread before, but like every other human being I LOVE bread. Montreal has basically an amazing bread scene with bakeries/ patisseries on most corners, but they're not cheap.A baguette is usually $2.99 and specialty breads (Olive, for example) are usually $3.99 or more. This isn't the end of the world, but if you are having people over, double that amount, and if you have bread often, it really leaves it's mark.

The same Morgan who is caring for our kids next week shared this perfect recipe on her blog and I tried it last night. Extremely exceptional, people. I halved the recipe because it was just Brad and I and baked mine for 25 minutes in a cast-iron dutch oven (without the lid). We only used olives (probably 7) and rosemary (and omitted the sage and thyme). It probably cost me 50 cents and took 35 minutes, total. AND TASTED LIKE HEAVEN. Try it, yesterday.

C is for colour. 

You American readers probably think I spelled that wrong. But we add a 'u' to a lot of words. Favour, Flavour, Favourite, etc. Anyway. Colour. My hubby has a huge bookshelf in his office which also happens to be our entryway. Kind of chaotic. I wanted to organize his books by colour to make it seem a little more organized (even though it is, indeed organized) so last night I did it. I love the result. He hates it. I think it's easy on the eyes, he thinks it's hard on the eyes. Woops. We'll see how long it lasts.

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  1. Em, are you going to Banff? Hope you enjoy this province of mine! xo.