NYC Bucket List *updated*

Please feel free to comment below with things you've done (or dream of doing!) in NYC. I'm always looking for things to add to the list and we're here another three weeks to do them.
  • Times Square - Not my thing. Wasn't necessarily on the list but we ended up wandering through it our first few hours in the city. Plus we have to walk through it to get to the Redeemer offices which are on Broadway. Super kitschy and touristy. But cool to have been!
  • Central Park - it's one street away from us, so hard to avoid! We go to a playground there most days in the afternoon in the Upper West Side but also explored last Sunday as a family closer to Downtown. It's so large and there's so much there, I can't say it's off the list as we'll be returning constantly for the next month. 

  • 30 Rock (Rockefeller Center) - Similar to Times Square, we kind of stumbled into 30 Rock. As we were passing it was more like a "Oh Hey, 30 Rock. Cool. The Today Show. Tina Fey." stuff like that. Will go back for sure though, because we have more trips downtown on the agenda.
  • Crumbs Bakery - Delicious! Lily and I shared the Cosmo cupcake and Oli tasted the crumbs (pun intended). There's a Crumbs on Columbus, right near our house. Dangerous.
  • Magnolia Bakery - Delicious too! Duh. Magnolia is known for their cupcakes and they were so good, but I think I liked Crumbs more (and Crumbs was 50 cents less!). I had the caramel cupcake (which would have been even better with a pinch of sea salt) and Lily had the classic vanilla. No more sharing here! And I preferred hers :) 
  • Museum Of Natural History - this was very cool but ended up being a bit of a gong show. you can read about it here
  • Shake Shack - My friend who lives here said Shake Shack is a huge tourist destination, but it's also where New Yorkers eat, so I took that as a good recommendation that I should check it out. It did not disappoint. The burger was one of the best I've had in ages. It tasted like steak, almost! And their special sauce is delicious. Lily had most of my fries. Disgruntling fact: 1 Shake Burger has fewer calories than a Crumbs cupcake (and probably Magnolia too)
  • Metropolitian Museum of Art - There is a Warhol exhibit going on right now which is funny because if I recall correctly a similar exhibit just left the Musee De Beux Arts in Montreal. But we didn't see it, so here's our second chance at the MET!
  • Guggenheim - The Guggenheim Museum is on Museum Mile with the rest of them, so I'd probably do them all in the same day since I'm not one to linger at any type of art for long but still love seeing and experiencing it all.
  • Empire State Building - Not sure why I want to do this! I just do :)
  • Ground Zero - I didn't think I cared about visiting Ground Zero, but after falling in love with NYC and being here for 9/11, it's become something I'd like to do.
  • Shopping on 5th Ave - Lets not be crazy, I won't be shopping here or here. BUT even NYC shopping on 5th can be affordable. Last Sunday Brad and I browsed in H&M, Zara, and a stand alone Joe Fresh Store. There's also a Forever 21. I ruined a pair of jeans in our dryer here and only have one other pair of pants so I'm in the market for a new pair (and maybe a couple other things). All three of these stores has super cute Fall cords and jeans for under $30.
  • A Broadway Show or 2 - Brad has been to NYC before and attended a Broadway show here, so since babysitting here is expensive and all but impossible to find (hello, no friends), he's encouraged me to attend a show or two while he watches the kids, if tickets are affordable. Best. Husband. Ever. (Wicked is for sure on the list, but Book of Mormon, The Best Man, and Bring It On  - I know - all look great to me!)
  • Cruise Around Statue of Liberty - more than 1 person has suggested we do this and it's free so I'm in. Not going to lie though, I feel like with the cooler weather and our kids, it may not be the greatest.
  • Hot Dog in Central Park - NY is renown for it's street meat... must.have.some.
  • Purl SoHo - I've been following the blog The Purl Bee for a couple years on and off and didn't realize that it's based out of a real fabric and yarn store in Soho, NYC! It's an enormous heaven for any DIY-lover or crafter. Can't wait!

/// What's on your NYC bucket list? What am I missing?


  1. Hey Em, I loved shopping at Century 21 (its like a BIG, CHAOTIC, Winners!) You need patience but you can find some GREAT deals. There is also a sidewalk/flea market type sale that sort of travels the street of NYC and sets up somewhere different each Sunday. We found it near Times Square and had a great morning wandering all the stalls. (We went to Redeemer's evening service so you might not be free to find the market.) If you want to go, maybe ask a local - we just stumbled upon it!

  2. Maggie13.9.12

    Emmy, you definitely have to see Wicked! I've seen it twice and loved it both times :) I'm so glad you guys are getting to see so many cool things. xo

  3. Take the Staten Island Ferry--it's like a free cruise past the Statue of Liberty (and back)! Binge on amazing pizza. Go to Brooklyn and explore amazing Italian bakeries!

  4. For a great walk: http://www.thehighline.org/

  5. I agree with the ferry - it's a fun ride and walking along Battery Park is amazing. They have some really great playgrounds. We also took the hit and went into the Children's Museum which was amazing! Absolutely a great day but a bit pricey (can't remember exactly). Also the Children's Art Museum was cool but I think would've been better had Bailey been a bit older. Enjoy the city!!

  6. 1) wicked is one of the best musicals! I loved it when I saw it recently (Sam and I have been walking around singing it ever since)

    2) the guggenheim is really neat! Definitely check it out, even if just to admire the architecture of the building!

    Miss you!

  7. so many things to do in NYC...sometimes just walking is enough because the pulse of the city is palpable !! have fun!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  8. hey em,

    i bookmarked these links for a future trip to NYC with little miss franco and thought you might enjoy them:


    hope you are having a fun time =)