• kids DO notice colour, though many people suspect they don't. What I think they don't notice is that it means anything negative. Lily is so drawn to her black IKEA boy doll and I think she prefers his rich colour (he's also wearing bright orange!). She notices he's different but not that it means much.
  • this makes me really scared for Oli.
  • Fall means everything-pumpkin. Everyone knows that. But smoothies + cream cheese? I was not aware!
  • Fun t-shirts supporting the adoption of a precious child into an awesome family? I'm in. 
  • Nana Camp is a brilliant idea. I think it would be easy to convince my parents as well as Brad's to sign on for 1 week a summer each :)
  • I love when people write Dear___ letters. This Back to School version is so cute and sassy and real. I don't have kids who wear gym shoes or who are in middle school, but I was still nodding with approval.
  • When it comes to TV, I like Grey's Anatomy but I can live without it. I try not to miss a Habs hockey game on Saturday night, but as long as I know the score I'm good. I never followed cult favourites like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but when it comes to Downton Abbey... I come undone! Season three peeps. Get on it. 


    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that doll house!! So cool!

    2. Love these finds, Em! That is such a great doll house idea! I'm so looking forward to Downton Season 3 :) and totally bookmarked that cream cheese recipe earlier this week!!

      PS I'm starting to host a linkup tomorrow and would love it if you could add this point to it :)