the cottage!

For those who read about our pack-n-play mishaps yesterday, you'll laugh when you hear that there was indeed another mishap. The pack-n-play is perfect, don't get me wrong, but I didn't look closely enough at the pattern. Definitely not gender neutral! Oh well, Oli, and any future boys (if there are any!) can learn early that real men aren't defined by the colour they wear...or sleep in (cough pink cough)

And now onto something glorious.

A photo dump of our four day trip to our friend's cottage! We spent four days last week in Ontario with another family at a cottage. Pure.Sweet.Bliss.

We shared a room with these goofs. Which I thought would be horrible, but it wasn't. We used a sound machine so when we came to bed later we didn't wake them, they were both in pack-n-plays (read: trapped), and it was just 4 days. It was actually a blessing because on our last night Lily vomited SEVEN times (essentially all night long) and being near her helped us help her more immediately. And somehow Oli slept through it all.

There was an amazing lake and Lily loved the beach. We went tubing and enjoyed the dock too. So fun seeing Lily in the Great Outdoors. She is such a city kid and we are now too. Classic city slicker move: forgetting bug spray.

Did I mention we were with Brad's best friend from high school and his family, that we hadn't seen in years? And his wife that I only met at her and my weddings? But it was amazing! We shared cooking and took turns helping with one another's kids, and spent every night enjoying the hot tub or bonfire.
It seriously could not have been better, even though it was almost like a blind date for me :)


I can't wait to spend more time with this family! (they also have a little doll who is a year old, though I can't believe I don't have any pictures of her!) It was a fabulous treat for us to get an invite to their cottage this summer, and even more when we all decided it must become an annual tradition!


  1. What a great getaway! I love going to a lake (way better than the beach to me)! I almost always forget bug spray, ugh!

  2. love the thumbs up pic!! :)

  3. looks like an amazing time - minus those bug bites - oh my!!!