It's been so long since I've done one of these posts, but so much is inspiring me online these days, it's truly overdue. Happy clicking :)
{Life in Grace}
  • some FREE printables from Danielle
  • tips on how to love your sponsor child. this really convicted me as we sponsor a girl in Bangladesh and haven't been so great at connecting with her.
  • LOVE this Moroccan inspired table. How lucky were they to find one secondhand? I'd love one but have only seen them in stores for a chunk of change.
  • I love this quickie tutorial to make customized, unique kitchen gear. She sprayed her salt and pepper shakers but I think I'd to salad tongs....for a bunch of people as Christmas gifts!
{Homemade Ginger}


  1. Thanks for this list Emily, and thanks for including me in it!! :) I always love reading these when you post.

    I'm loving Grace Covers Me! Reading some of her posts now and being SO encouraged by it! :) :)

  2. each of these photos is just gorgeous! I can't wait to check out the blog for church planter's wives...hubby is a pastoral intern at a church plant and it seems we're on the road to church planting :) can't wait to read!