bunk beds for teens?

Living in the city with a family has it's limitations. They're far outweighed by the benefits, but they're still there.
One of them is space and having a unique place for each child. Realistically, our kids will never have a bedroom to themselves. We would love 3-4 kids, and if there is ever a spare room, it'll probably become a guest room/office. 

But before we throw a pity party for our city-dwelling offspring, it's so so important to gain some perspective. A child having their own everything is very unique to this time in history and this place in the world. Sure, in Canada, in 2012, a child often has a room to themselves. But in most places in the world, children share rooms and even beds! Often with more than 1 additional sibling! Maybe even their parents! gasp!! 

I figure, if we use bunk beds it will free up living space in the kid's shared bedrooms so there is still space for them to dwell there. Plus a bunk has slightly more privacy so they can always hide out there for a bit if they need some time to themselves. But aren't bunk beds a bit juvenile? We're thinking of getting them for Lily and Oli for the years to come, but they're still babies (at least in my mind!) That was what I thought and is why I was originally only looking for bunk beds that could separate (which are often more expensive). But given that space will always be limited, keeping the beds as bunks seems more fitting. And after researching bunks for teens (and even adults!) I found some that look really fun and classy and certainly grown up.
Check my Pinterest for all the sources :)

I want to sleep in those bunks!!

Did you sleep in bunk beds as a kid? Or even as a teen?
Would you get them for your kids?
What are your thoughts on the top bunk? I am a little paranoid!


  1. bunk beds aren't juvenile! in my opinion anyway!! I think kids need to be a bit older when sleeping in the top bunk anyway (isn't the age restriction 6-8?) not sure..

    I wanted one of those bunks that have room for a desk underneath when I was like 15 or 16..I thought they were so cool. I think they're great!!

    PS: it might be worth spending a bit more on a better quality/nicer looking bunk bed if they're going to stay in it till they move out! my bedroom set was $1000 that my mom bought when I was 8, but I slept in it till I moved out and now it's a guest bed.

    1. Thanks Bri, I'm with you! Now that I've seen these nice ones and that my kids will always have to share a room, it just makes sense :)

      I agree that spending a lot now is worth it in the long run, BUT because we have to buy 2 mattresses too (which will be around $600 total) we absolutely can not spend more than $200 on bunk beds. BUT when we move into our next home that we'll likely be in for a while we may consider upgrading.

  2. Our kiddos share a room (boy and girl) and we are currently researching bunk beds for them. Our families really feel like our kiddos should have their own room...but that is an 'American' way of thinking. We figure that children all over the world are sharing bedrooms and turning out just fine. Their bedroom is just for sleeping (they play elsewhere) so it's really not a big deal. Our kids LOVE sharing a room, and we love hearing them chat with each other at bedtime. It's so sweet!

  3. I always wanted bunk beds but didn't get them till I graduated from University & moved to Montreal. And I even got the top ; - )

  4. Some of the best times my brother and I ever had as siblings were at the cottage at night when we slept in the bunk beds!
    Do it! The kids will love it.

  5. My sis and I shared a room all our lives (so did two of my bros, and on bunks too). One summer when I was a teen we had a friend from France come and stay with us for a month. My dad built us bunks so she could stay in our room. When the summer was over the bunks stayed and the single left. I had the top bunk and totally felt like I had my own space. There are so many things you can do to make it feel cozy and personal - fabric walls, a personal shelf for clock/books, extra pillows, put the bunks in a corner so you have a corner to lean in. And as for sharing a room, I missed our 'falling to bed talks' when I moved away for school.
    To be honest, I didn't sleep on a 'normal' bed until I got married (I was 25). I went to Uni and graduated to a 'loft bed'. My first room was small so my dad built me a loft bed. I found an antique wooden loft ladder and bingo, I was set. A desk under me, a sitting area and a bed in a small bedroom...my roommates were jealous ;). Even when I got a big bedroom the following year I kept the loft bed and set-up a painting studio with the extra space. So, needless to say, I'm a fan.

  6. totally late - but my sister and I are 10 years apart, and from 3-8 we shared beds then at 9-14 we had bunk beds -- my sister was a trouper b/c i was a kicker

    - karen

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