bedside table

This is the one space in our house that is 100% MINE. And I think it's finally how I want it to stay. My "mom-cave" if you will. If a bedside table can qualify as that :)

fun facts: the bowl holding the nail polish was my mom's baby bowl that my grandma gave me at my baby shower for Lily, the little wooden elephant was in a care package from Brad when we were long-distance dating and his name is Tembo (props if you know why!), the dotted coaster is a set of 8 and was my first sewing project ever!


pot for pens + jewelry dish + elephant [spray-painted it white] - Salvation Army
DIY bracelet frame - spray-painted frame from Dollarama
tray for books n things - gift from my sister
mirror - Winners (Canadian TJ Maxx)
proverbs print - Naptime Diaries
frames - Salvation Army 
dresser + lamp - IKEA


  1. I love it! it's so special to have a space that's yours :) And just last night my friend was recommending Keller's The Meaning of Marriage ;) I love the frames!

  2. I love it! Such a cute way to store everything!