an eventful evening

Tonight we got down to some serious work on Brad's office
Space is at a premium and we have hardly any. Plus the storage we do have has already been *ahem* put to good use (read: our main closet in the foyer office houses his desk). 
Needless to say, we're always looking for more storage and ways to create space. So tonight I tackled two projects to do just that. Together they took about an hour total, and cost $0.

First up, I sorted through our DVDs (and setting many aside for the next stuff swap) and re-stored them in old CD containers that we got from Brad's dad. Brad just received several books from Redeemer City to City that are on his reading list to prepare for this September in NYC and they were taking up too much space on the office bookshelf. The DVDs are now taking up 1/4 of the space and his bottom and final bookshelf is full of books. Score.

Then I got to something I really should have done ages ago. Our printer had been held up by a cardboard box since we moved last September. Total eyesore but it did the trick. This Spring I picked up a bedside table from the side of the road but it looked to be in rough shape. I thought I'd paint it and get new knobs, but after a good wash it seemed to actually match Brad's office well enough to keep it as is. 

Then I found out it would be too tall to fit under his desk with the printer. Blast. Thankfully I discovered pretty quick that the base was removable (and seriously the table looked better without it anyhow) and got out a screwdriver. Look at me go! Tools. Projects. Hear me roar ;)

Looks great now, especially compared to a cardboard box! But the real bonus is the two drawers that give him way more space.

Oh and the most eventful of all was that while all of this was goin' down, there was a protest happening RIGHT BELOW OUR BALCONY. 

Oh Montreal. You are such a lively and wonderful city!


  1. Em, I LOVE the two drawers under the desk. I agree - looks way better with the bottom off. Great job!

    1. Thanks Jame! I knew you'd like it for the same reason I do - it looks like the Hemnes line from IKEA, eh?

  2. Em you're like my hero. I'm practically taking notes for when I have a home!