Olympic Fever

If you know me, you know I'm a little bit obsessed with the Olympics.
If you didn't know that, well, now you do. Nice to meet you.
For Vancouver 2012 we had an Opening Ceremonies party but the ceremonies were a little dull (though I hope the party wasn't!)... and this year we're not yet at home and the Olympics have begun. So no party... but lots of celebration.

Zellers, a Canadian version of Wal-Mart is going out of business (and Target is coming!!), and so the whole store is on massive blowout sales. Including their Canadian Olympic already-reduced gear. So after speeding driving responsibly to Zellers I returned home with a pair of womens sweatpants ($7.50) and matching ones for my sister, a vintage blue t-shirt ($1.50), and tons of shirts and onsies for the kids ($3 each). I couldn't decide if I went a bit overboard or if I should go back and buy more. Such is my love for all things-Olympic.

And hello, did anyone see the opening ceremonies? Amazing. Seriously most entertaining ceremonies I've ever seen! Well done, so far, London.

I also love the Olympics because I feel like it brings out everyones roots. Obviously I cheer for Canada, but I find myself cheering on the host country (because how awesome would it be to win on home soil? Canadian winter Olympians would know, holler!) and the countries of my grandparents (Great Britian + Ukraine), and heck, France too because we're *kinda* French :)

For the next 17 days I'll be glued to the TV taking it all in and cheering for team Canada. My favourite sports to view?
Rowing, Gymnastics, Diving, and Swimming (and anything team Canada has a chance to medal in).

Do you get into the Olympics much?
What are your favourite sports to watch?
Do you ever cheer for a country other than your own?


  1. I LOVE the Olympics, too!!!--Though you've got me beat on the Olympic gear ;-) I'm totally bummed because we decided to get rid of cable so I'm missing out! I was able to catch a bit of the opening cermonies, but none of the games yet. I love how the Olympics brings people closer together, it seems as if we're all somewhat cheering each other on!

  2. I love watching Diving and Swimming-- I grew up competitive swimming so I love just comparing my times to theirs in awe.

  3. LOVE your shirt :) we're a TAD pumped for the olympics as well.......my faves are track and gymnastics.....and i'm totally getting into soccer :)

  4. love watching the olymipics! it's all so inspiring and totally makes me want to jump on the high bars and do flips on the trampoline but lord knows the 30+ years on this body would make that super difficult! love the ladies gymnastics and swim but its all truly great!

  5. Totally love that tee! Yep, I'll be heading to Zellers to fill out my olympic wear wardrobe. Living in Vancouver, we went nuts buying gear during the winter olympics, but somehow, something needs to be purchased to celebrate each and every Olympics! :)