patio update

Remember back in May when I was plotting to do something with our huge but totally barren patio? 
Well we did. And then didn't use it for nearly 3 months. Ahem.
The initial motivator was that I was throwing my friend a wedding shower, so I wanted the patio spruced up for that.

The patio floors get insanely dusty after just a week or so, so Brad did a deep sweep and assembled all of the patio furniture we'd bought.The shower went off without a hitch, but no one stepped foot on the patio. Disappointing.
And then we left the country for 2/3 of the summer.

Which brings us to August, and I'm ashamed to say that last night was our  F I R S T  night on our patio!! Certainly not last because it was amazing.
Brad's brother and friend were in town and stayed with us last night, so we went to dinner with them and our friends (hint: the beauty in the pic and her new hubby!) stayed to watch our sleeping babies.

Well when we got home at close to 11pm, no one was ready to pack it in so we stayed on the patio for hours. it.was.glorious. Exactly what I'd been dreaming of doing since May.

Here's the progress we've made:
  • kid's play structure bought + assembled ($100, Craigslist)
  • patio furniture bought + assembled ($300, Home Depot)
  • *some* decor bought and placed ($4/pillow, Maxi, Loblaws, Zehrs, Superstore [PC])

Here's what's left to do:
  • more decor is definitely needed!
    >>> lanterns, outdoor rug, maybe a side table and more chairs
  • potted plants that will last (thinking small pine trees)
  • considering hanging curtains
  • research some kind of baby gate for the staircase

All in all, I love it. I want to be there right now but alas, I'm typing on a desktop ;)
Our favourite is that it's covered (by our neighbours above) so we can sit out there in the blazing sun or when the rain is pouring and be comfortable, as well as the huge tree that gives us a lot of privacy and definitely creates a "tree house" vibe. Pretty rare for a city home.

Now our mission is to enjoy it as much as possible for the rest of summer, because before we know it, we'll be off again to NYC!


  1. I love your porch setup! It looks so inviting and I know what you mean about sitting on it in the rain, my favorite!

  2. new to your blog and now follow thru GFC. if you have time to look at my blog and follow, too, it would make my day! found your blog thru the take heart blog. :-)

  3. Brooke Anderson10.8.12

    Lily peeking out the doorway is by far my favourite in all these photos:) Looks great tho!