super vs. abiding

The temptations are all around me to be Super Woman. 

Some people blame Mommy Bloggers but I don't buy that. We choose what blogs we read, they're not forced on us like some forms of media can be (advertisements, etc). If we don't like their message we take them off our Google Reader and say good bye. Not to mention most blogs are just people's stories. I've personally never read a blog where a woman said her life was perfect or made her readers feel less worthy because theirs didn't mirror hers, but that's just me. 

And sidenote, if you have found those blogs, get rid of them! If you want some new blogs on your Reader, ask me, I follow some wonderful blogs - and always read feeling encouraged and inspired, nothing more.

My point is, there are countless opportunities for women to not feel like they're doing enough. 
The myth of Super Woman/Mom/Wife is just that... a myth. 
No one has it all together. No one's baby never cries. No one's house is always sparkling. No one's cooking or baking or decorating is flawless. No one's husband is the perfect prince charming (sorry Babe, just keepin' it real). No one's life is all ups and no downs, all highs and no lows.

No one is super woman/mom/wife, but we keep comparing ourselves to Her.

I found this comparison chart today and I LOVE it. I want to be an abiding woman. Not super woman. Anyone else?



  1. LOVE this. I think I might print this and put it on my fridge! I read all really encouraging blogs as well and most of them (like yours) are great at keeping it real. I don't go on Pinterest anymore because I just found that instead of enjoying it, I was comparing myself. A personal fault, and so now I just don't do it anymore!!

  2. Love this Emily!!! Well said!

  3. Anonymous7.5.12

    wow, such a great way of contrasting worldly views with TRUTH- this really helped me, thanks Emily!

  4. Thanks Em for posting this. #7 resonated with me. I want to grow in practising grace with myself and others.

  5. i'm not a mom, i'm not a wife, but i NEEDed this.
    love you embot.

  6. love this, thanks for posting this em.

  7. Needed this-- could I ask where you got the picture/if I could use it?

    1. Bre, the link is below. It's not mine, but the credit is through the hyperlink {via} :)