look who got passports!

they look so funny. 
Brad took the kids today for their passport pics, 
and we'll have them right in time for our upcoming France trip.

fun facts: 
Our Bumbo is the same colour, so Oli was right at home. 
And Lily's holding Brad's hand (not pictured), which is why her arm is reaching out.
And I don't think I've seen Lily with her mouth closed in ages! It's protocol to have a closed mouth, but Lily's is ALWAYS open so they had to take over 5 pictures.
And Oli's head is definitely bigger than his sister's, who is 15 month older than he :)


  1. second post in a week. i'm on a roll. just the heads up. i don't know if passport canada will take oli's pic. there isn't allowed to be anything except the child in the background (i.e. no bumbo showing). when i took the boys at 3 months, they had me crouch under the shot holding the baby up with my hands under the onesie. better just to check the pics before going to the passport office and being told you have to retake them.

    but...the kids look very grown up compared to how old they really are!

    1. sorry, emily...hate to be the bearer of bad news cause i know first passport photos are exciting. you should check lily's too because i think her whole body needs to be head on (i.e. she can't be twisted slightly to hold brad's hand).

    2. Anonymous27.4.12

      How ridiculous are those passport rules.

  2. They are SO cute! Oli looks stunned! So adorable that Lily held Brad's hand for the pic :)