some good questions:

Relate them to your life however you see fit... for us we've been using questions like these to help us make hard decisions lately. 

When we chose to move into a pricier neighbourhood that was in the heart of the city, when we think about adoption... the questions "do I want to?" and "is it the best move, financially?" weren't fair. They're important questions, but alone, they'll lead to very selfish and materialistic decision making. 

What if the following questions were the first ones we asked, and the last ones we asked were "do I want to?" and  "can I afford it?"
  • Why am I saying "No" or "Not now"?
  • Am I over-valuing comfort?
  • Am I over-valuing myself?
  • Could I make it work?
  • Would it make God look glorious?
  • Am I willing to pray that God would change my heart?
  • Is it possible? 
  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it wise?
  • Would it challenge me as a person and a Christian?
I'd love to hear how you have come to make hard decisions. Especially counter-intuitive ones like International adoption on a smaller salary or living in a particular neighbourhood because you feel called to minister there or  moving to a place you never thought you'd live.

And if you don't ask the previously mentioned questions, consider it! You may be surprised where they lead you and your family :)


  1. Such good questions to remember! Thanks Em, xoxo.

  2. these are some wonderful questions..I'm going to go over them with Daniel over dinner regarding our decision :)