Why do we have to live literally the farthest possible distance across Canada from some of the greatest people? Doesn't seem fair. We have a BIG country. And GOOD friends.

5 hour flight. Both kids slept like pros. Amazing.

Jet Lagged babies kept sleeping.... thus throwing them off big time. Painful couple of nights at first.
Exploring the beautiful city with friends.

The Olympic torch!!! Do you KNOW how much I love the Olympics? Big deal. Sorry you had to see that, Oli.

Playmates times two for Lily in twin-friends Soren and Marlow (Or, as I like to call them, So and Lo)

My baby daddy after a delicious lunch with the kids.

Oli started smiling!

What an amazing 10 days. Thankful for dear friends who were willing to have 4 adults and 4 babies under 15 months in their little condo for over a week! But we're a city family too, so we were very comfortable. I'd stay a month if they'd let me! It was an incredible time. Thanks John and Sarah, So and Lo! xo


  1. Soren & Marlow are SO cute!
    Aww. Beautiful babies everywhere!

  2. Good friends are totally worth that trip! My family is from Ohio and I married and live in BC now! Love this place but soo far from good friends!! Merry Christmas, glad you had a safe and fun trip!!

  3. looks fun! what brand strollers are you guys using. i'm looking for a good double...

  4. just wondering what kind of stroller you have that allows for that cool seating for 2?

  5. Hey girls, the stroller with my 2 kids in it and the one with the twins in it is the same one (Brad and I borrowed the Hau's stroller the day we went to lunch since we hadn't bought the 2nd seat for ours which also becomes a double). That stroller is the City Jogger City Select. It's a GREAT stroller and a few of my friends have it. Highly recommend it!!

    Ours is the Uppababy Vista which also becomes a 2 seater and looks similar, though the City Select allows for the most room for the kid in the 2nd seat. The downside is that you need to get a kit to turn your stroller into a double and you can't fold up your stroller with the 2nd seat and need tools to attach it. The Uppababy has way less room for the kid in the 2nd seat but assembly is a breeze with no tools and you can easily take it off every use so you can still fold up your stroller. Both have trade offs in the end. But yeah, the City Select is the one you're lovin'!

  6. Hey Em - Glad you had a great time in BC! :)
    Depending on the configuration of the two seats, you actually can fold the stroller up with both seats attached! (We did it the summer with the Kranny-Kids visiting!)

  7. oh good!!
    I know the Haus have an elevator in their place so they have never even tried to fold it but they didnt think they could. worried me thinking of you in a walk-up. that's awesome. it's an amazing stroller!