flying with babies

I've never done it but thankfully a lot of my facebook friends have!
This Friday Brad and I are taking the babies to Vancouver and I've been asking for advice on surviving the plane trip. Thought I'd share the wealth of information I was given:
  1. nurse/bottle feed/let baby suck on your finger during takeoff and landing. helps their little ears not pop.
  2. don't expect them to sleep, so when they don't you're not stressed, and if they do, it's a bonus (I really liked this tip...)
  3. bring snacks and small toys that are favourites or new (both are your best bet at occupying them)
  4. have designated carry-ons for each kid so if you're separated from your travel companion (who has the other baby) you won't have to worry about getting bottles/toys/blankets/wipes/diapers to them on the other wise of the plane
  5. that said, book your seats together - ideally book a window and isle so you have greater chance of getting a whole row to yourself (since people least likely book middle seats)
  6. arrive really early and be vocal about your needs as a family when you're in the security line 
  7. declare bottles (liquid) ahead of time, don't let them find them
  8. ask the flight attendants for help as much as you need. that's what they're there for.
  9. bring extra clothes and baby gravol - kids throw up. yuck
  10. and my favourite piece of advice: remember your children will probably be better behaved than some of the adults on the plane.


  1. Good advice all around :)

    I'll add to #9 from experience, pack 2 changes of clothes for the babies and at least 1 for the adults. Actually if you're nursing Oli I'd recommend you pack at least 2 shirts for yourself, I know I needed them with M.

    On our flights home from Panama I skimped and only packed Ryan a fresh shirt. Bad idea, very bad idea. Thankful for another staff on the flight who lent him a fresh pair of shorts.

    Kids throw up. Yuck indeed.

  2. First time I flew with Silas I gave out little favors to the people seated around us: included a little poem, some candies, and some earplugs. Generally speaking it was well received and then if Silas was bawling I knew I had at least pre-warned them and pre-bribed them. How could they be mad when I gave them treats? How long are you guys here in town for?

  3. here's the link from my blog about flying with Silas: http://inmeta4s.blogspot.com/2010/07/flying-with-silas.html

  4. I travelled a lot with my twins...so if I may add: bring extra clothes for you too (they sometimes throw up on you...sorry to be the one to tell you!). From a recent experience with Air France (DISASTROUS!), also, pack as if the airline wouldn't provide any service. Bring a baby carrier (those that look like backpacks where you put your baby on) because not all airports give strollers at the plane and getting your luggage with a running child or when you have nowhere to leave your baby can be a bit of a problem. I also pack an "airplane bag"with toys, books, coloring pencils, etc and I wrap each individually, so that the whole process of opening each "present". They are not allowed to open the bag before boarding. A great website, full of tips is http:///deliciousbaby.com