the hall closet {city style}

When we bought our house we were blown away that we had FOUR closets. 
Real closets. Not cubby holes with a hook or two behind a door, but real, live (though not...) closets!

The main closet in the front enclave became the place for Brad's desk though, since we don't have a third bedroom to make his office, which was fine because we still have an under-the-stairs (stairs to the condo above ours) large walk-in cubby in the entrance way for our stroller, vacuum, non-essential shoes, boots, outerwear, etc. 

But we needed something for the every day stuff. Baby carriers, shoes we wear, stroller blankets, hats and mitts, and of course, the hospital bag (which is getting a little dusty and is ready to be used!). IKEA had a solution for that. Our old house had one of these coat/hat racks and it could store tons of stuff and now we have two but are trying to keep more hooks and shelving space open for guests. It's working great for us and is a HUGE space saver. 

Closets are a giant perk of this place, but when you live in the city, your closet space may or may not be your office, so you improvise!

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