What if every Sunday was like Easter Sunday?

It's Saturday, and Sunday's coming

We solemnly remembered Good Friday last night at our church's evening service, and it got me thinking, what if we anticipated each and every Sunday as we do Easter Sunday? Certainly Easter Sunday is a day apart from any other on a Christian's calendar, and I'm not trying to put other days at it's level. What I am pondering is what would it look like if we prepared our hearts as we do for Easter Sunday, every Sunday? If every Friday and Saturday leading up to Sunday, we meditated on God's Word, anticipated celebrating Jesus with our local church, and talked as families about the significance of the Gospel?

I firmly believe one of the reasons Easter Sunday is so significant to us, year after year, is that we are so ready to hear the glorious message that the tomb is empty, Jesus lives, and our sins aren't counted against us. But doesn't every (I hope!) sermon have a glimmer of that truth in it? Yet we aren't rarely as prepared to hear it on a normal Sunday. Easter Sunday we are, and we do.

I found this great list of ways we can "get the most out of the preaching we hear every week" from the website 9 Marks, that I'd love to share:
  1. Throughout the week, meditate on the passage that will be preached on Sunday. Pray for your pastor as he prepares his sermon. Take notes on the text. Ask questions of the text. Pray through the text.
  2. Prepare for Sunday morning. On Saturday night or Sunday morning, pray for your upcoming opportunity to hear God’s Word preached. Pray that your heart would be soft and humble before it.
  3. Talk and pray about the sermon with friends after church. Start conversations at lunch by asking, “How did the Scripture challenge or speak to you today?” Encourage others by sharing what you learned about God and his Word during the sermon. Talk to others about how you can specifically apply what you learned in the week ahead.
  4. Meditate and act on the sermon you heard throughout the week. Don’t let the Sunday sermon become a one-time event that fades from memory as soon as it is over (James 1:22-25). Review your sermon notes with friends or family. Choose one or two applications from the Scripture and prayerfully put them into practice over the coming week.
I'm so excited for tomorrow's service at Grace Montreal Church. My heart is ready to celebrate Jesus, especially after a significant Good Friday meditation and the anticipation building today, even as I write this. But I want to long for every Sunday like I do this one. Who's with me?

{And just a quick note 
to my readers 
who are less inclined 
towards this topic, 
I've got a fun craft post 
prepared for later, 
so just hold tight :)}


  1. A wonderful call to action, Emily! It's so hard, at least for me, to be that intentional. Even this weekend, I am trying but find myself distracted so easily.

    But at this time, when spring finally seems like it might be here to stay, I can speak for myself when I say I am very, very ready for the emptiness of the tomb and the fullness of grace.

    Happy Easter! He is risen!

  2. hard for me too Caroline... Really wondering though how much better each and every Sunday would be for me if I did these things. Excited to test my theory that they would be far better :)

  3. I love this! I want to go to church every Sunday with an eagearness to hear the message and apply it.