Oma Slippers

I don't have an Oma - that's a Dutch thing, and, well, I'm not. But I know a few Oma's, and one thing is true for all of them: they all knit slippers. It's like their thing and they ALL do it. Must be in the Oma handbook or something. I have a Ga and a Grandma, both grandmothers, like Oma's, but none of them knit slippers. Crocheting blankets and hand towels? Sure. But slippers... nope. Just Oma's.

My mom's best friend Cathy was Dutch and her mom was like a mom to my mom, and so I guess, by extension, I can boast that I in fact DO have an Oma.  She does many things well, I'm sure, but two things she's famous for. Cookies (that we call Oma cookies...duh), and, you guessed it, slippers. I long for a HUGE basket of Oma slippers in my house for any person who comes to visit. Pairs of slippers for every size and shape of foot. But I live in Montreal, and there are no Oma's here.

So imagine my surprise when Brad's mom, on her recent visit here, brought Lily a few things, one of them being.... OMA SLIPPERS! She found them at an Artisan bakery/restaurant/shop and had no idea just how much they'd mean to me. They remind me of Cathy, who wore them in every one of my memories. I wish she knew Lily. She would be Lily's token Oma - because we all need one, whether we're Dutch or not :)


  1. Anonymous22.2.11

    Emi - this really tugged at my heart. Cathy would have loved Lily and totally embraced the Oma role.

    Love you!!

  2. haha nice! My grandma definitely made oma slippers - she wouldn't let us call her oma, though, because "oma's are old and I'm not old!"