5 months in...

This post is REALLY late (can you tell Lily's getting busier?) and we're actually closer to Lily's 6 month celebration than to her 5 month celebration, but I did want to write a quick post and throw in some pictures of her 5th month with us. 

Her 5th month was a HUGE adjustment for us. We were on the road a lot and I'm not going to lie... it was hard. It's likely that our family, as it only gets bigger, won't make the rounds to every grandparent's house to celebrate Christmas on or near the actual date (this year we did 2 straight weeks starting at Brad's dad's in Montreal, then to his mom's in Toronto, followed by my parents in Niagara). It's just too many adjustments with babies/kids. Once they get comfortable and familiar, it's another long car ride (2-7 hours!), and another new place. But this year, with just one baby, we were able to do it. 

During that same two weeks Lily started doing two hours awake, two hours asleep instead of the previous 1 hour awake, two asleep. She also started eating a full 8oz at each of her four feedings, spending more time on her tummy, and the joyous process of teething. And I stopped breastfeeding for good, that was big. Not in transition for Lily, because I was already predominantly bottle feeding, more so for me. I'm glad I was able to, despite many obstacles, for five months, but wow, I'm loving the freedom of being finished!

In all, it was a very busy, transitional month!

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