it's been a while...

Hi again! I've been distant. Most of you probably haven't even noticed, but I have. I've missed blogging big time, I've missed that outlet. That imagined sense of community when I read your comments (because heck, it's hard to get out of the house in -20 weather with a 6-month-old and no car!). That place to record my memories of my rapidly growing baby and our rapidly changing lives. It's good to be back :)

When I don't blog, it usually means one of two things: I'm really busy or I'm really unmotivated. 

Both have been true.

This past week I was sharing with Morgan that I just feel Blah. Yuck. Bleck. Etc. it's been (or felt) impossible to leave the house, Brad's been working a lot of evenings, I've been getting over a pretty long-running cold (so has Lily), and it hasn't been sunny in perhaps decades. Or at least that's how it feels. I'm on the upside of it now as I'm feeling a lot better, Brad's done that brief-but-insane season of work, and we have the house to ourselves again (oh yeah, did I mention we had two students from Toronto crashing in our living room? Not bad, just an added element). 

So I want to do a little recap of the last week. In pictures, because it's already been a lot of typing...

Me and Lily were sick. REALLY running noses. Harder on her than me, because I know how to blow mine. Sigh.

We both got flowers from Brad for Valentines Day. Orange lilies for me, pink ones for Lily.

 the Beco Gemini arrived in the mail. Love love love it. So does my back.

Other notable things:
  1. We had our first official small group with our church this week. A small gathering, but a lovely one. Authentic Biblical community is a beautiful thing. You can read more about it here
  2. I made a slew of baby food, that I'll post about later.
  3. As I was exiting the shut-in stage of my week, Amanda and I went to a wonderful Plateau resto called Soupe-Soup and it was GLORIOUS. Atmosphere, check. Delicious, check. Affordable, check. Baby-friendly, check!
  4. I dream of making these but probably won't until I, one day, own this.
  5. Brad and I continue to dream about when baby #2 will come, when we'll buy a house, and how we'll send our summer - all answers hopefully await in April/May!


  1. So encouraged. Praise God for answered prayer {motivation}
    The pictures of you and Lily as well as B-rad with les fleurs are ADORABLE!
    Glad to see you back at the blogging! Love you.
    Ps those marshmallows look delicious... I'm back out the last weekend of march... Perhaps a baking party?! C'est bon!

  2. Morgan, my sis is coming into town that weekend! Looks like you'll be borrowing our deep impact sleeping bag :(
    but I'd love to see you anyway, and maybe do some baking if you're here til the Monday (aren't trains cheaper then?)

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