Lily eats {part 3}


The babe is eating! I'm so thankful, for her sake and mine, that she's onto rice cereal now, and even one new solid! Many of you had great tips and comments when Lily (and I) was struggling with rice cereal, and I've put them to use. Especially those who encouraged and gently reminded me that it takes time, thank you. Seriously. I knew it in my mind but my heart was feeling otherwise, and I needed that reminder that God's in control, you can't compare your baby to other babies, and that time lines should never be set in stone.

Two weeks ago I'd decided to throw in the towel for a temporary hiatus from rice cereal. It wasn't going to hot, I was becoming frustrated, PLUS we had company coming for the weekend and I knew I didn't want to be going through that with a full house. So I attempted rice cereal for the last time on a Wednesday, and didn't pick it up again until the following week. Somewhere during the first week of February, I tried again, and the first attempt she ate! A whole bowl (about 1 ts) of cereal! Taking that time off was exactly what we both needed.

Two weeks after her taking to rice cereal we tried her first solid food (mixed in with watered down rice cereal)... PUMPKIN. It wasn't really premeditated, I hadn't actually made any baby food yet, but after her 8oz bottle and rice cereal she seemed STILL hungry, so I was about to make another bottle when I figured, why not? I had pumpkin puree in the fridge because I was planning on making these so I tried it with her, and she ate it happily! Literally with a smile on her face. 

Will try these for two more days before adding a new fruit or veggie... not sure which one I'm going to go with but I'm thinking banana or peas. I'll consult my baby food cookbook and get back to you!

nom nom nom...

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  1. yay Lilster! i just KNEW you would love REAL food! just you wait to see what mommy has in store for you! she's a great cook ;D