a foodie's love

my friend rachel is lovely.

i was so lucky to meet her in a very cold cabin in the woods some 7 years ago. {that feels like a long time, mostly because time's flown, and we've always ended up together}. after the cabin in the woods, we started meeting under more normal circumstances. at university. at church. at campus for christ. we even ended up moving into the same student house, and spent two glorious years as housemates. and get this. SHE LIVES IN MONTREAL. yes! rachel is/was a Torontonian through and through, especially when we first met. we share a love for learning French, delicious food, and neat places, so as God would have it, when I found myself moving to la belle provence in 2008, so did she. and now she's even married to a Quebecois guy! she one-upped me there.

the point i'm trying to make, is i love this woman. she's been by my side {planned or not!} for 7 years, and {i hope} our paths will never part. she's encouraging, thoughtful, considerate, creative. and a foodie. best for last right? did I mention her "love language" is giving people FOOD? yes. to be loved by this girl is a treat.

here's proof:
home made parsley and walnut pesto

which made my lunch very good that day!

and the day after that (:

love you R


  1. i'm crying as i read this post.
    i miss you both SO much today.


  2. hahaha: "after the cabin in the woods, we started meeting under more normal circumstances."

    je t'aime aussi emily! et je suis reconnaissante pour toi <3

    ABAN: miss you too. sending hugs from afar!

  3. Matthew Civico16.1.11

    Le Pesto rechauffe mon coeur :)