Sole Meuniere

Going to France at such a young age is a bad idea. Especially if you probably can't afford to return unless something drastically changes, in circumstance or finance. 

You'll taste the most wonderful flavours, and nothing will ever taste good again. Ever. After we arrived home I tried to recreate some of the dishes we ate, to no avail. Nothing was even close. Going at the end of life would be a good idea. Eating the dishes that you absolutely hope will be your last. But not when you're 23. 

 One thing I loved was the fish. Mostly white fish, that was always served in a delicious sauce and cooked to perfection. I can't make fish very well. It's one "meat" I am yet to master, or even do well. But last night there was a ray of hope. I made Sole Meuniere by Laura Caulder from French Food at Home (on the Food Network's website) and IT WAS GOOD. REALLY GOOD. 

So good I took no pictures because I was busy eating. So good my husband stood on his chair to give me a standing ovation. Really to give the recipe a standing ovation, because it was very easy. A definite do-again. A new family favourite. Served with potatoes (skin on) baked in olive oil, herbes-de-provence, salt & pepper, and at the last minute, chopped fresh parsley. And it tasted just a little bit like it did here:

{just a little bit}


  1. Anonymous12.1.11

    You rock yo! Way to be an amazing cook!
    Ps - you are welcome to come cook at my house (for D, N, and I) anytime you wish :)

  2. Brooke Anderson12.1.11

    YUM! Justin and I are (hopefully) doing a Mediterranean Cruise in the Fall and we'll be making a stop in France. Any particular meal I should try to taste while we're there???

  3. Anything with Beurre Blanc (sauce) on it!

  4. Drool.
    I have a couple of really great white fish recipes I should bring you!
    ...Next time I'm out for sure!