a finishing touch

Last night could have been exhausting. It was in fact, the complete opposite. But lets start at the beginning...

A new couple started attending our church and we invited them over after dinner for some dessert and drinks. They didn't know anyone yet and we soon realized we have lots in common with them, so needless to say the evening was great fun. God seems to often draw Brad and I to get to know new people at church, and I'm so thankful, because we spent a whole evening (and into the wee bits of the morning!) with a great couple we may have never even met if that wasn't "the-kind-of-thing-we-do". But it is! And we did! And ahhhhh... so great to sit and chat and laugh and drink with a great young Christian couple in the city of Montreal. SO. GREAT.

SO. We were all having a great time and didn't even notice the clock flying ahead of us, and before we knew it, it was 12:30am. We all had to work in the morning (me not so much, but hey, we all had to be up at 7am for our duties. ahem. children.) so we called it a night as soon as we actually saw the time. Which brings me to why the night could have been exhausting. I went to bed at 1am.

Self-disclosure moment: I HATE LATE NIGHTS.

I'm an early-to-bed lady who happens to enjoy mornings after a night's rest, not before, so staying up until the morning (1am, maybe this isn't "morning" to most of you crazies...), when you already have to wake at 4:30am and 7am to feed Lily... isn't ideal.

BUT! BUT! But it was an AMAZING evening! And by God's grace, we were able to have an awesome time, and I wasn't even tired. I was a machine. Pause for applause.

ANYWAY. The greatest part wasn't even that I stayed up entertaining and conversing until 1am without feeling like a zombie. It was that Lily did not. Lily slept. Lily didn't make a peep. Lily didn't start chirping at 4am as she normally does for a nighttime snack.


She hasn't done this two nights in a row ever, but she's only done it once before period. So I'm excited. And after Dan and Kat left, I slept right until 7am. Holllly cow that hasn't happened in over two months. Which brings me to the post title. We're finishing up Lily's nursery because she's soon to be moving in. She already takes her 8am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm naps in there, but she still spends the night with us, simply because we can't hear her wake up in her nursery and we don't have a monitor. So we need her near. But NOT if she starts sleeping through the night consistently.

Alas, we're getting ready to render her to her own bedroom. Surprisingly hard for me to even think about. On the plus side, we put together her beautiful crib and have ordered THE cutest mobile.


The crib is the Jenny-Lind style, from DaVinci cribs. Brad's mom and Lily's "Granna" and her husband Bruce "Bo" bought it for Lily when she was born, and I LOVE IT. In fact, my mom told me recently I had the same one, and Lisa and I had matching Jenny-Lind twin beds when we were growing up sharing a bedroom. Aw.


The mobile is from COOKIE & CURLY and I designed it myself. Molly, the owner, was incredible. She helped me choose a fabric, and helped me hash out what was best for a gender-neutral room. She makes each bird mobile to order and of course ships to Canada. Which is lovely as a lot of people operating out of the USA don't. And that makes me sad. She actually just blogged about my mobile, check it out!

So the finishing touches are coming together and the nursery is *almost* done. Will post pics of the final room in the next few weeks :)

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  1. <3 the room.
    so glad you had a great night.
    now, was this the couple with the dude with the stylized jacket?
    or the other hipster couple i loved?

    either way, huzzah to making close friends (: