Here's a glimpse into Lily's 3-6 month wardrobe. The top are onsies with feet (heart-stoppingly-adorable), the bottom are onsies with no legs or feet. The other drawers have her "big-girl-clothes" like sweaters and pants, but we usually save those for outings, because they're a lot of work to get on and off when someone (won't name any names for fear of embarrassment) poops themselves filthy on a semi-regular basis :)

I've been trying to integrate clothes into Lily's wardrobe with other colours other than PINK, but normally they also have pink in them. Even if it's a teeny tiny little detail, it's PINK!
So I started buying BOYS CLOTHES. Yup. Because if you go to most baby clothing departments, the boys section is marked by reds, yellows, greens, blues, greys, oranges, denim, patterns, and browns. Whist the girls department is PINK and a slight addition of brown and white. Kinda frustrating.

So boys clothes it is. Nearly every piece of clothing you see in that drawer that doesn't have a slight bit of PINK in it was bought in the boys department. No shame :)

**For the record, I'm grateful for everything I've received for Lily, and I don't actually dislike PINK, I'm just realizing she essentially doesn't have clothes that are not PINK. Here's hoping our next baby is a girl too!


  1. Jack has that same little onesie with the foxes and trees on it. It's one of my favorites! I never knew Old Navy had such good baby clothes (I've avoided shopping there for myself for years).

    BTW - I did the fabric hoop idea in Jack's room and it worked soo well and filled an empty wall that I was at loss for ideas with. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  2. hey Lauren, thats cool that you did the hoops for Jack's room! what fabrics did you use? post pics!!!