3 Very Different Books I'm Loving

Always a fan of wide reading, I often have several genres on the go. I wanted to share three new books I recently found on booksforchrist.com - I've said this already but this website is *the most affordable* place to buy Christian books online in Canada. They beat the big sites, often by a few dollars. I also love that they're Christians themselves, as I've felt uneasy in the past lining Amazon's pockets when I buy a Bible, devotional, or Christian book. Books for Christ is a small operation, they give back to charity, they have the newest releases at the best prices, and I have a 10% coupon code on top of all of that! But more on that later. For now, here are three very different books I've been reading.

This beautiful linen-bound hardcover includes the original text by Charlotte Bronte as well as a commentary by the brilliant English Literature professor, Swallow Prior. I've listened to Swallow Prior teach literary reflections and her thoughts on reading well at conferences in the past and I know her to be tremendously insightful and sharp. I couldn't believe when I saw her series on the famous classics! I've also ordered her commentary on Frankenstein for Oli to read next year for homeschooling and Sense and Sensibility for myself! $18 on Books for Christ (it's $24 on Amazon for reference)

The #1 Parenting book I recommend to first-time or long-time parents is this one! It's filled with grace and truth and reorients the parent's heart in the way we need it most. As much theological as practical, this book is one I re-read every couple of years and always glean new wisdom. He speaks to parents in general which is refreshing as often parenting books are very specific to one age or season. I have owned this book for years but have leant it out so many times it's disappeared! So I ordered this new hardcover recently and will read for the forth time this month. $25 on Books for Christ ($27 on Amazon for reference)

I've yet to start this one but I can't wait to. I listened to a podcast interviewing the author on this work and everything he's said about the life and person of Christ completely wooed me. That and the glowing reviews from some of my favourite teachers and authors (Sam Allberry, Rosaria Butterfield, Paul David Tripp, etc). Ortlund writes like a modern Puritan. His writing captivates the reader and illuminates Jesus. it's also a stunning book that looks to be covered with an old oil painting. I do love a beautiful hardcover! $22 on Books for Christ ($24 on Amazon for reference)

These three - one classic, one non-fiction (parenting), and one theology/Christian living. Usually I have a memoir or biography in there, as well as modern or historical fiction. Can you ever have too many books? 

Use this code for 10% off your next order and do tell me what you choose! I love to hear what others are reading :)

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