SHOP QUEBEC - Argile et Osier

Many of you already know about this Etsy shop because of my Instagram giveaway last month but I wanted to share about Argile et Osier here too for those who aren't on Instagram and looking to encourage Quebec small businesses. 

In fact Argile et Osier is a bit of a combination of two loves for me, because it's run by a mom in Quebec, sourcing pottery, toys, and baskets made by Tunisian artisans. Brad and I first met while travelling in North Africa and have sense returned several times, so to find a local business supporting other North African small businesses was a treat! 

I was gifted a lovely large basket which I use to store EVERYTHING - towels, toilet paper, books, toys, stuffed animals, groceries, things to be donated to the charity shop... it's perfect for all the things! I was also gifted two ceramic bowls which I use for salt and freshly ground pepper and always keep by my stove. I've always had this practice but the bowls I was using before weren't nearly as lovely, so I was glad to donate them and replace them with my Argile et Osier ones. 

Argile et Osier has some really lovely things and they're lifting up artisans in Tunisia so I'm glad to support them! 

This post was written in Collaboration with Argile et Osier
All opinions were 100% my own. 
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