Wear a Mask or Trust God? Navigating Covid-19 as a Christian

Last week I discovered that I was in close proximity to someone who had tested positive for Covid-19.  We were together indoors for hours (legally). As soon as I found out I was tested and the results were negative, and I'm thankfully, fine. 

I was incredibly relieved not just for my own sake of course, but for the sake of my family, as I would likely give the virus to them if I had it. I can give you three reasons why my result was a negative one. We were both wearing masks, we were practicing social distancing (though we were together, we avoided being closer than 2 meters apart whenever possible), and of course, the sovereignty of God.

It's come to my attention that some Christians think they must choose between trusting God with their lives and taking cautionary, responsible, neighbour-loving steps to protect themselves and others. Friends, it's both.

I trust Jesus with my life and my soul. And I will honour and obey him by washing my hands, obeying social distancing orders, staying in my bubble, wearing a mask, and laying down my personal freedom for the good of others. 

If we follow Christ we'll live a life of nuance - we will fear no evil (Psalm 23:4) and we will lay down our lives for our friends (John 15:13). 

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