2 Books I Read Every Day (+ the cheapest place to buy them!)

Aside from the Bible, there are two books I've read nearly every day for the past several years. They are both devotional in genre, and have been so impactful on my daily life as a Christian woman. I also wanted to share about an online Christian book store I've recently discovered, where these books cost less than on Amazon (!!), for which I also have a 10% off coupon code. Happy day! 

The books are Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon and Praying Through The Bible for Your Kids by Nancy Gutherie. I have owned these books for years but the versions I had were not the loveliest to look at. I know, these things hardly matter, but as I use them daily and have them on my coffee table year-round, it's a bonus if they are aesthetically pleasing. I found these linen bound hardcovers at Books for Christ, the only place I'll be buying Christian books from now on. 

Why these two books? Morning and Evening it written in beautiful language from 19th century British preacher Charles Spurgeon. Twice a day you get a mini sermon from this famed "Prince of  Preachers" as he was called. Praying Through the Bible for your Kids includes a daily bible verse, meditation, and then a pointed prayer for you to pray for your child(ren). 

Devotional reading is a wonderful addition to daily Bible reading, but it should never replace it - they are, after all, a summery and interpretation of the Bible from a flawed and human author. Yet still, they have helped me understand scriptures and guide my prayer life in these past years so I wanted to share.

Books for Christ is another resource I'm happy to pass on to you. I heard about them through a friend and was shocked by their prices! Every book I've looked for on Books for Christ was several dollars less than on Amazon! I've always felt a degree of dissonance lining the pockets of Amazon whenever I buy a Christian book, devotional, or Bible. Yet their prices are often hard to resist. Books for Christ is a Christian organization, run by Christians, and fighting poverty with a percentage of the sales, and their prices are less than Amazon! It's hard to believe! I'm so thrilled to have found them! Use this link for an additional 10% off at Books for Christ, on top of it all. 

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however I am an independent customer of theirs. 
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