Wistful Thoughts on Fall & Apple Picking

Covid or not, you'll still find us paying to pick our own fruit in sweaters that are too hot to wear by noon, haha!

It's Fall and these constants are so refreshing. So much has changed. Insert heavy sigh here. The way our kids go to school and we go to work. The way we go to church and meet with friends. The way we travel, or don't. The way we unwind, or don't. It's exhausting reminiscing about the freedoms we enjoyed last Autumn compared to this one. Last year when we frolicked in and out of cafes for pumpkin spiced drinks unmasked. When I flew to Scotland with a friend and had a week kids-free (still pinching myself!). When our kids birthday parties were allowed to be indoors and no one had ever heard of Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It gets heavy remembering those pre-Covid Autumns, so maybe let's not.  Let's just glory in the small and silly pleasures that Fall affords, like apple picking outside the city and pulling out warmer clothes.

Covid or not, September is still hopeful. Fresh starts abound and new is always exciting (even if it's also scary). The weather is perfectly chilly in the mornings and fresh and sunny most afternoons. The leaves are slowly changing, but we haven't packed away our Birkenstock's just yet. And if you live in our part of the globe, you're going Apple Picking. Like always, we went to La Magie de La Pomme which is about 40 minutes from our home in the heart of the city. 

Speaking of the small pleasures of new fall clothes, Lily and I are wearing mainly thrifted pieces, but Oli and Chloe were treated by Boutique Mini-Cycle to some lovely new clothes recently. Oli is wearing a long sleeve tee, from the iconic Spanish kid's company Bobo Choses and thrifted jeans, and Clover is wearing top to bottom Phil and Phae, a ethically-sourced kid's company based in the Netherlands that I'm in love with! Both of these companies are sold at Boutique Mini-Cycle new and often appear in their re-cycle (used) section too. High quality clothes may cost more, but as I've witnessed working at Mini-Cycle's recycle program, they really do last and last, holding up in quality and style for years to come. 

Apple picking was just what the doctor ordered last week. We gloried in all things Fall, eating a picnic lunch and ordering super indulgent apple fritters before climbing apple trees, playing with goats and lambs, and picking enough apples for five apple crisps (my freezer is packed!) 

I think we'll be back to select some choice pumpkins and gourds in the weeks to come. Last Autumn and it's freedoms are a thing of the past, but there is still beauty and delight to be found this season. We're re-learning this every day.  

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