Terracotta Lamp DIY

Have you seen the hashtag sweeping Instagram DIY land, #trashtoterracotta? OK so first of all, I wish I invented that hashtag because it's hilarious. Secondly, I jumped on the bandwagon hard last week. 

The idea is to paint your old house wares with a mixture of baking powder and paint to get a terracotta clay look. It's insanely easy and quick (we're talking 5 minutes!) and so satisfying to see the transformation! 

I was intending to do a few vases in the actual terracotta hue (burnt orange) but could only find black paint at my Dollar Store so I figured it would be the perfect project for my thrifted brass lamp. Originally from Zara Home but found at Salvation Army, this lamp is lovely but I was a bit over the metallic look. I've shared before about how I love incorporating pops of black in my living room, so you can guess what happened. 


I mixed 1/2 cup of paint with about 2 tablespoons of baking powder. The paint was black and a tiny bit of turquoise to give it a blue hue, but really it just looks black and I'm ok with that! The baking powder puffs up the paint and gives it a great texture, just like real pottery. I love the result! Coming up next, those terracotta vases!

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