Scribd: Netflix for Audiobooks (+ 2 months FREE!)

It's no secret that I love to read, and long before audiobooks I was still putting away 30-odd books every year (see this post for how I've learned to prioritize reading). I love curling up with a book for at least thirty minutes each night before bed and prefer a good book to watching TV any day, but there are only so many hours in the week that one can commit to exclusive, nose in a book, reading. Even in my kid-free time, which is still not extensive though they're all in school (work, volunteering, ministry all happily fill most of those hours) I can't always sit down with a page-turner, either because I need to use my hands or I'm out and about in a not-conducive-to-reading errand. Enter: audiobooks, and more specifically Scribd

Scribd is a fantastic service that a friend of mine introduced me to last month. It's essentially Netflix for audiobooks in that you pay a small fee each month and are given unlimited access to audiobooks (also ebooks, though I don't use the service for those). You can read/listen to your heart's content with catch being that once you stop paying for the service, you don't get to keep the titles. I still use Audible and Christian Audio for the occasional book that I know I'll want to read again and again (classics like Austen or Tolkien) but the vast majority of my reading are books I really enjoy but likely won't re-read, which makes Scribd the perfect solution!

I was blown away with their broad availability, only slightly lacking in lesser known biographies (cough Royals cough) and some theological titles. Every fiction book I've been keen to read has been available, as well as tons of excellent children's books, plus the odd biography (The Diana Chronicles, Becoming) and theology (Prodigal God. Every Good Endeavor) title too. 

With this referral link you'll receive your first two months free, if you're interested!


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