Reading For Pleasure + How To Get There


Many of you have commented on how odd it seems that I read so much for a busy schedule, three kids, work, etc etc etc. The truth is, I haven't always been a reader. There was a time when I flipped through magazines at most and dreaded having to read for school - it was never something I'd have done as a hobby or by choice.  It wasn't until after Chloe was born when I had three kids under three that I became an avid reader. Which seems probably the least likely time in one's life to take on a time-consuming, concentration-demanding hobby. Here's how I became a passionate reader in recent years:
  1. Start with a GREAT book

    I had started and never finished many books before becoming a devoted reader. It's not easy to be passionate about reading when you don't have a few great books under your belt. I asked several friends who were avid readers for recommendations, and at the time the title All The Light We Cannot See repeatedly came up in conversation. Even though I found the first few chapters slow going, I pressed on and was rewarded with the first great book I'd read in years. Loving the book helped keep it a priority and when I finally finished it, I truly missed reading it. That kind of book is the best way to get started. 
  2. Stop watching TV!

    Plain and simple, the best reading hours tend to be the ones people are use watching television. I'm not against TV, but I've noticed that in the years since becoming an avid reader, I've cut down significantly. If you want to prioritize reading, and you're working or with your children during the day, then evenings (aka TV time!) are your best shot. Carve out that space and you'll see you have hours at your disposal if you're willing.
  3. Join/start a book club

    This was a great thing that has kept me going and introduced me to new titles I might not have chosen on my own. I started my book club by asking a few women from different social circles who I knew were avid readers if they were interested. Everyone was; it was so easy. We decided to delve into some classics, and in a few months, I'd read most of Jane Austen's novels. Discussing the book brought it back to life and gave me the extra push to finish if I was behind. With my book club we  read one book every month, then we discuss it over wine and snacks. Try it!
  4. Set a goal to finish within the month

    Finishing a book can be such an accomplishment, especially in the years with little children, or exhausting work. As difficult as it may seem, set the goal to finish your book within a month so the story is still well intact in your memory and you enjoy each chapter as linked to the previous one. I'm convinced that the books that lag on and I never get to finishing are the ones that I've read too slowly and lost interest in over time.
  5. Keep your book on hand

    This part is probably the most essential! We all have those moments in our day where we're waiting for something or doing nothing. What if we could have a book on hand during that time? Now, I almost always have my Kobo eReader, an audio book downloaded on my phone, or a physical book in my purse for those exact moments. Instead of checking my phone for meaningless content, I'm reading a great story in those tiny gaps of the day. 
I hope these help you get back into reading, or begin the journey to reading for pleasure! Reading is now a true joy for me and just a few years ago that would never have been the case! 


  1. Ana Alves2.5.18

    Great tips to get reading, thank you. I personally love audible,it allows you to "read" a book anywhere anytime, I have it on my phone and a small pair of headphones and I can pick it up anytime. I should try your book club suggestion.


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