discount codes galore!

Hi friends! I wanted to draw your attention to my left sidebar where I have discount codes for many of the companies I've been lucky enough to work with this year. I know many of you read this blog on an aggregate reader side like Feedly or Blog Lovin' (I do the same with my blogs!), which means you've never even seen the side bar, hence this post :)

All of the discount codes I have at present I'll include here and I'll be sure to update this post as new ones come along. I hope this is helpful!



$75 off at Casper - valid on the purchase of a mattress + any other item.  Here's the link again: http://www.casper.com/friends/EMMORRICE

Maison Tess

10% off Maison Tess bed and home linens. Here's the link:  http://bit.ly/2l3IoV5


Good Food

$40 off your first order of Good Food. Here's the link - https://www.makegoodfood.ca/referred-by/114806

Cook It

50% off your first TWO orders of Cook It. Here's the link: https://www.chefcookit.com/en/ref/EMILYT463


Mimi Hammer

15% off Mimi & August and Mimi Hammer - Here's the link: http://i.refs.cc/nJB9YCOU?u=1536874240474

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