The Best Hot Day Activity That Will Keep Your Kids Occupied For HOURS

This won't be a long post, but I had to share this little activity I prepared for Oli and Chloe this week while we're melting in Montreal. My friends from Texas and South Carolina and Hawaii who are in Montreal or nearby right now all say it's hotter here than where they're from! Whattttt!? Yes, we're covered in snow for 7 months of the year, but our summers are HOT.

I got this idea from my friend Vanessa when I saw her do it last summer. Take a large plastic tub, fill it with water, add plastic toys that you don't care about, and freeze overnight. Having a block of ice in your freezer will also help your freezer not work as hard, so that's a bonus! Then give the kids secondhand cutlery or dad's wrench if they're old enough to handle something as heavy duty as tools, and let them spend hours chipping away to find their treasures! Oli stopped after an hour and there was still so many hidden toys. I popped it back in the freezer and he's still playing away today! It's an outdoor activity that will keep them cool and occupied and there's no mess because the water will just evaporate in 10 seconds in this heat! Have fun!

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