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My girls have never been too interested in having me play with their hair, which is just as well because I'm not very skilled at it! Growing up, my mom did amazing braids in our hair. She was a hair ninja, and I just didn't inherit her abilities. But when we shaved Chloe's head last December, we started looking for little feminine touches to add to her trademark short cut.

I found Mlle Léonie when I was looking for handmade hair bows, made in Canada. Mlle Léonie ships their sweet treasures all around the world and I have to say, their fabric choices and little bows are just the cutest! I love that they're based in Quebec too! Shopping local isn't always easy depending on where you live, but if you just add your home province, state, or country to the filters when searching Etsy, you can easily find local shops without even leaving the house! That's how I found Mlle Léonie and I was so glad I did!

First of all, my girls who never cared about hair things are now obsessed and want to wear a hair bow every day! I love the headband option because I always worry about pushing too hard when putting barrettes in my girl's hair - especially when they were babies! The little felt clips are easy to put in and don't rip the hair at all. My girls love these little headbands and bows!

It's really fun to see them getting "ready" for going to school or church and always finishing off with a hair bow. We're a pretty casual family and I don't consider myself a girlie girl at all, nor have we raised them to be overly feminine nor Oli overly masculine (Oli loves to bake and pretends to be a dad with the dolls, and the girls collect super hero cards and play with dinosaurs), but this is a sweet trend my girls are into, I must say! You can shop Mlle Léonie on her website or her Etsy shop :)

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