Thai Summer Salad Rolls!

It's finally summer in Montreal! Now that June is here along with the heat and humidity, I have almost no desire to turn on my oven. BBQ and fresh meals are at the top of my meal planning list in the summer. Since we've been home from Japan I actually haven't used my oven once yet! I've BBQed almost every protein we've eaten and we're going for pastas and salads instead of anything roasted which only heats up our little condo more.

I made these salad rolls on a whim the other day for lunch and they were so darn good! I made it up on the fly and would love to try different variations in the weeks to come. This version is a salad roll - so no meat. It's vegetarian and vegan and tastes so fresh! The rice paper wrappers are quite filling, along with the sweet potato vermicelli. Adding fried tofu, shrimp, or BBQ chicken inside would be awesome too!

Thai summer salad rolls:

First, make a salad. I used shaved carrot, lettuce, cilantro, and green onion. Toss it with lime juice, set aside.

Then, make your vermicelli. Rice noodles keep it gluten free, too! My vermicelli is sweet potato which made it purple, but tasted basically like regular rice noodles. The noodles make the rolls much more filling, so don't skip!

Roll up in rice paper rolls. This takes a lot of patience at first! I got progressively better as I soldiered on. My first few were falling apart while simultaneously sticking to my hands, but even then they taste great! Once you make your rolls, put them on a lined cookie sheet or silicone baking sheet so they won't stick.

Peanut dipping sauce:

This sauce is amazing on everything! Mix 4 table spoons peanut butter, a few shakes of fish sauce and soy sauce (low sodium if you can find it), garlic, and up to 1 cup boiling water. Blend together and serve.

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