Our Dining Nook + HUGE New Art!

After six years of living in our condo, we've finally finished the last piece of the puzzle - our dining nook. In some ways it was the first room we started decorating, if you look way back to this old post where we re-purposed an old dining table and chairs from my father-in-law and hung a new modern chandelier, but it was never complete, and my style also kept evolving.

Fast forward to my pregnancy with Clover when we acquired another vintage table, this time one that could seat up to 12 people when we inserted every leaf. We re-finished that with grey wood stain on top and painting the body and legs white. This time around I moved towards a more modern clean style but still with vintage character, whereas I guess you could call my old style vintage-ecelectic. I'm just making up the terms as I go, but basically I went from a more cluttered colourful style to a more clean and white/neutral style, while still loving vintage pieces.  We bought a few classic Eames-style chairs and a white bench for seating. We mounted my growing collection of vintage tea cups (most inherited from my late Grandma on my dad's side) in a white-washed crate and hung an industrial-style light on the wall.

What really finished this room was the huge wall art that we just mounted last night! Years ago I had a busy gallery wall, which I took down a couple of years ago in when I was opting for a more refreshing, clean space, but it always felt a little empty. That's the hard thing with any type of modern design - it's that balance between wanting to be fresh and clean but not sterile and uncomfortable. Photo Wall Sweden reached out to me recently and asked if I'd like to collaborate on a custom canvas for a space in my home. Right away I knew I wanted to use this collaboration to do something special for that empty wall in the dining nook. Photo Wall has a great collection of their own art that you can choose from, but I already had purchased some digital art of a gorgeous strip of buildings in Manhattan that I was itching to use.


New York is an iconic city and there's countless pieces of art featuring the skyline or buildings, but for us this piece, which features Mercer Street in the sun takes us back to a really sweet time in our lives. We actually spent two glorious months in New York City when Brad was doing a church planting internship at Redeemer Presbyterian before we planted our church. We had two babies at the time and our life seemed so care-free. Brad spent his days learning from Dr. Timothy Keller on how to plant thriving urban churches with a cohort of like-minded men and women from the world's most influential cities, and I spent my time frolicking around NYC with my two babies, tasting every cupcake and trying every playground along the way. We made friends in New York who are still dear to us, and much of who we are today came from those formative months in the city that never sleeps.

Photo Wall provided everything I needed to make the DIY canvas, though I admit I was a little intimidated. The whole DIY aspect made me worry I'd do something to mess it up, but honestly everything is fool-proof! Photo Wall is like the IKEA of art, I've decided. You pay less because you do it yourself, but the instructions never steer you wrong! In the past I've purchased smaller canvases from other companies and they've come ready to hang, but the downside there is that the costs end up being higher both for the canvas and for shipping. The instructions were seriously perfect, and within 30 minutes I'd assembled my enormous canvas with solid wood and easy twist in screws (no tools required!)

I'm so pleased with how the dining nook turned out! I love how the large scale art anchors the space and matches the pastels of my vintage tea cups. It's neutral enough to blend into the other rooms of our open concept home, but still has that pop of pink that keeps things fun!

Photo Wall Sweden made this space a reality and I'm so thankful! They've offered a coupon code for all of you for 20% off, so hopefully you'll be able to turn one of your drab walls around, too! Use the code "EMMORRICEcampaign2018" (I know, it's a mouthful, haha!) at check out to get 20% off any purchase!

Source List

Table - secondhand vintage (stained with grey stain and painted white)
Hutch -  (not seen in all photos) - secondhand vintage (stained and painted exactly like table)
White Chairs - Structube
White bench - Ikea
Wooden Crate - Walmart (stained with white-wash stain)
Chandelier - West Elm
Wall Light - Zone Maison
Canvas  - Photo Wall
Art on Canvas - Mercer by Jenny's Print Shop
Tea Cups - secondhand vintage and inherited
Fruit Basket - secondhand vintage

*this post is in collaboration
with Photo Wall Sweden, who gifted
the canvas. All opinions are my own. 
To book a collaboration, contact me!

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