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I was honored when Em asked me to share a day in my life, but also thought oh boy, what do I possibly have to offer? My day-to-day isn't all that exciting or glamorous! Most days you will find my kiddos and I at home, but I certainly do not take my ordinary days for granted! I am forever thankful for the life God has blessed me with! So here goes nothing!

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Being a SAHM (stay at home Mom) has always been a dream of mine. Seriously, ever since I was a young girl I would fantasize about the days I would have my own babies to take care of. God has blessed me with the two most amazing children with one on the way! Lazar is 3, Mila is 2 and Leo was just born! Having kiddos so close in age is also something I always thought I would do if possible, probably because that is how I grew up and I loved the closeness my brothers and I shared!

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A typical day for Lazar, Mila and I starts off by smothering Paul (my husband, their Daddy) with lots of hugs and kisses as he leaves for work! Most days (if I'm feeling up for it) I load the kids in the car and drive to get a coffee. Some days we go to a coffee shop to hang out, get breakfast and other days it's a quick drive-through. I like to get out of the house even if it's just for a little car ride; it just seems to make all the difference. We live in Wisconsin and when winter hits, being outside isn't really an option... and feeling cooped up inside gets old, especially for an energetic 2 and 3 year old!

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After we return home from a little coffee trip I like to let Lazar and Mila have some playtime before naps/rest-time. I decided to make our basement into a playroom and the kids love running around and playing down there. We decided not to put a TV down there so the kids won't just focus on that, instead I play fun music (which is so great because it almost always turns into a dance party)!

After "playtime" I make the kids some sort of snack. I typically make them a protein shake for breakfast, unless we eat during our coffee outing. I use the meal shake from Shaklee, they love it and ask for it daily! After their snack/shake I like to have some rest-time. Mila still takes a nap so if I put a movie on and cuddle up on the couch with them, Mila will usually fall asleep while Lazar relaxes watching the movie. When the movie finishes and Mila wakes up, it's usually time for lunch. Lunch typically includes anything from, pb and j's to shredded chicken usually with some sort of fruit or veggie. But don't let me fool you, a lot of days are filled with an excess of snacks and lunch turns into an all-day kind of thing! haha

My husband works very hard to allow me to stay at home with the kids and I will forever appreciate that. I knew I still wanted to contribute if I could while remaining at home. I wanted to start a blog and from my blog I thought up and designed t-shirts. I decided to start an Etsy shop where I sell my shirts. I love that my t-shirts have encouraged ladies all over the world! My goal in creating the t-shirts was simply that, to encourage ladies and make them feel they could do anything with just having faith! I also recently became a Maskcara makeup artist! I'm beyond obsessed with the makeup and knew it was a product I could stand behind and share with other ladies... again helping them feel good about themselves! Being able to run my Etsy shop and sell makeup from home has provided extra money for our family that I am proud of! If it ended up taking time away from my kids I would simply stop, because my first priority is raising my babies. I'm just thankful I am able to juggle both right now.

Each day varies, but our end-of-the day can sometimes be visiting my parents house or finishing the night with a bath and food Daddy brings us home (since he owns a restaurant with his family). Our nighttime routine went from a 7pm bedtime with both kids in their cribs sleeping soundly through the night. However, these days it looks more like Lazar sleeping with Paul and I while Mila sleeps in her bed in her and Lazar's room. Our kids have always been exceptional sleepers and this new routine has allowed that trend to remain so no complaints here. I honestly never thought my kids would like to co-sleep since they always did so amazing in their own cribs but I do love it and I know how quickly everything can change, so I'm just giving thanks for the season we are in and embracing all that comes with it!

Every morning I wake up and each night I go to bed, I thank God and praise Him for this life He has provided for me! I know I wouldn't have any of it without Him and I truly don't take a second of it for granted. I mean it when I say, I often well-up with tears when I look at my family and wonder how in the world I get the opportunity to have Paul, Lazar, Mila and soon Leo in my life! My day-to-day may not be exciting or glamorous to some, BUT to me, it's the best days of my life!

HAVE FAITH MAMA... Your days may seem little and unimportant but one day you'll look back and realize those were the big and best days of your life!

Thank you Paulina!
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