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Hi there!

My name’s Stacie and you should probably know that it took me over a week to write up this seemingly simple post-- partly because I get distracted/interrupted easily, and partly because my days vary so much from day to day, that I didn’t really know where to begin!

A little about myself, I was born and raised in Arizona, and I run a small clothing business from my home called Alice + Ames. (#plug!) My super supportive husband works with me full time, and together we have three daughters who were my inspiration for creating the brand from day one. Working from home alongside my family has always been the dream for me, and I feel so incredibly grateful that we’re able to pull it off.  Sure, some days are completely crazy-town and a more traditional, less-self-employed lifestyle sounds nice, but 99% of the time I’m pinching myself. (Good health insurance is overrated anyway! ;)

Our weekdays start by getting our older two off to school, which is a day’s work within itself.  They are most certainly not early risers, so getting them up and at ‘em by 8:00 am requires a 1:1 adult to kid ratio, lots of pancake-eating during hair-brushing, and a brisk walk to the bus stop that would get even an Olympians heart rate up.

Once the older two are off, we can relax and start our (slightly) less frazzled morning routine. With only one left at home, it’s a lot of back and forth depending on our individual workloads. I typically have more day-to-day to deal with, so Geoff will take our youngest to swimming/tumbling/the rec center while I plow through emails and my to-do list, and then we’ll switch off as needed. We typically break up the day with lunch and an errand together, or a drop-in to our warehouse if needed. Some days are go-go-go depending on the week, and others I’m still in my sweats on the computer at noon. By some miracle, Frankie is still humoring us with three hour long naps, so we’re able to get a nice chunk of work done within that window as well. (Oh please bless I didn’t just jinx that!) 

We try to have most of our work done by the time the big girls get home, so that we can be ready for the after school shuffle of friends/dance class/tumbling/piano lessons/etc. While Geoff is typically playing chauffer during that time, I’m usually prepping dinner. I grew up sitting around the table with my family every night and those times are some of my favorite memories as a kid. Being the youngest of a busy family of 8, I loved being able to spend some quality time catching up, enjoying my Mom’s delicious cooking, and fighting over that last dinner roll. I’m not half the cook my Mom is, but I do prioritize family dinner and try my hardest to make it happen every night. 

After dinner, we usually walk down to our neighborhood park to get the last of the days wiggles out, and to get as dirty as possible before bath time. We have lots of little friends in the neighborhood, so killing an hour each night at the park is very enjoyable, especially during these beautiful Arizona winters! Next up is bedtime, which is a total circus act in our house. Even though we try to keep it as consistent and scheduled as possible, our kids still seem to be completely shocked when we tell them that it’s time for bed every night. What is that about!? On a really good night, our bedtime routine will take about an hour, and that will include about 25 drinks of water, 2-3 bedroom switches, and at least 30 minutes of reading or story telling with each girl.  

I try to go for a run every night, and each time I tell myself I’m going to listen to a motivating podcast while I am, but I always resort back to my favorite playlists. I’ve always loved running, but since having kids I’ve realized just how much happier I am when I prioritize it and get that alone time outside every day. It’s totally my therapy! When I get back, Geoff and I usually work side by side on our laptops wrapping up whatever we didn’t get to earlier that day, while re-watching The Office for the 7th time or something. Before falling asleep, I like to mentally prep for the next day by going over our schedule out loud (which I’m sure Geoff loves as he’s dozing off every night!). As a type-A-list-lover, I just can’t fall asleep without doing it!

No two days around here really look the same depending on the season, the weather, or how busy work is for us that week, but I feel really lucky that no matter how slow or chaotic life is, I’m able to go through it all with my husband and kids very close by. (I know how cheesy that sounds, but I mean it!)

Thanks for having me, be sure to reach out if you have any questions about working from home, or any good bedtime tips for that matter :)

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