Storage in the Kid's Room

Our shared kid's room is in need of some more storage! While we're usually good about limiting toys and games, we've recently gone a bit crazy with books now that we have two avid readers and after picking up just a couple of larger-scale toys (Calico critters, I love you!), we're feeling a bit cramped.

We have the long shelf (above) which holds a lot of books that we're saving for future years and other things we don't want them touching like essential oils and nail clippers. Then we have this desk (below) which is probably the least utilized space in the room. The kids never do school work on it, and I don't like to overcrowd the top. The drawers are helpful and hold most of our puzzles.

Then we have this Ikea square shelf that we found on Kijiji. This is an old picture, and it stores different things today - the top two are all chapter books series that the kids love like Ivy and Bean or The Magic Treehouse. The bottom left cubby has two bins of Lego and the black and white basket is still in that right cubby. The top changes regularly, but usually has books as well.

Here are a few options I've found that would fit their room's aesthetic and our budget (around $100!).

$69.99, Ikea
$129.99, Ikea
$129, Ikea
$130.00, Ikea
$55.00, or the taller option, which is $90, Ikea
I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I would pick the last one, but only because I like the more classic look. I would also ditch the desk in the bedroom to free up room for the shelves. Our kids never, not once, used the desks in their rooms. All their work, all the way through school, was done on the dining room table. Even when they bring home work from university, at Christmas, they don't use their desks.

  2. Love the first one, seems like it would hold a lot, not just books. Put some cute baskets on there and you can store off season clothes!
    We love to have actual books, but since we have a range of ages/likes in books we use the library instead of thrifting books (unless I really want to own a hard copy) we make a triple every week and load up a shopping bag of books and switch them up each week. Best part is no late fees for the kids!

  3. We've had our 'Billy' bookcase from Ikea for 9 years now and it has survived two moves like a champ! They are affordable and solid!

  4. Anonymous28.2.18

    I also like the first one best. The only thing is it wouldn't be so good for holding books, unless you used baskets or bookends, since it doesn't have sides. If you used your Kallax/Expedit that you already have just for books and put toys, puzzles, games etc on this, that could work! With the wider shelves, your kids would be able to reach more on it (and therefore put things away!!!) than with the taller shelves.

    You've quite possibly seen it since I know you've written guest posts for her blog before, but Alison at 600 sqft posted recently about their new shelf. It's also from Ikea, and it has drawers with it. It's more expensive than your $100 budget, but if you'd need to spend $$ to get baskets to help house things on a shelf, maybe a shelf with some drawers would work. They could hold puzzles/art supplies/random things that don't look pretty on a shelf. Just a thought!

  5. Anonymous3.4.18

    I'm not sure if you chose a shelf yet. We were at a friend's house and they had this shelf from Ikea. I love it! I'm trying to figure out if it will work for my daughter's room. It would fit your decor well, too, I think. The only thing is it's smaller than the other ones. You could either save up for a second one or just continue to use floating shelves above. Anyways, just another idea in case you are still looking!
    Ikea PS 2017 shelving unit, $99