pizza in the park!

This summer our picnic game was strong! Even though we were traveling for a month, we still managed to share dinner with friends at the park regularly. Usually we would pack our supper and a few beers and head over to Parc Laurier, but occasionally we grabbed dinner on our way or even ordered take-out to be delivered to the park - the latter was obviously our favourite!

Since Lily's birthday was while we were in PEI last month, we wanted to have a second little get together for her once we were back to she could celebrate with Brad there. We called up my in-laws to meet us at the park and ordered Pizza Pizza and had it delivered right to our picnic table! How did I not know you could do this until now?!

Pizza Pizza just brought back Bocci Bits (which if you don't know, are fried bits of bread that taste like heaven), so we jumped to try those, along with my favourite - deep fried pickles - and of course, pizza! I made Lily's cake which was angel food cake with lemon curd and blueberries from Lac St-Jean to celebrate the end of summer (recipe coming this week!)

Picnic season is nearly over, but we'll try to sneak in a few more before it gets too cold!

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