Ethical Back-To-School

With all three of my little ones in school this year (How?! Also, hold me.), I had some serious organizing to do before they started last week. Clover is doing pre-kindergarten at a nearby English school and the older two are in kindergarten and grade 2 at the local French school. I love having at least two in the same place, and next year when all three are together will be the best of all! I have several posts coming up about raising bilingual kids, why we chose to send our kids to local public schools, and capsule wardrobes for Fall and Winter, so stay tuned about that!

Clover's school has what's called a "casual uniform", where all students must wear dark blue bottoms, white or light blue tops, and dark blue sweaters. Oli went to this school last year, so we knew what to expect. Thankfully Clover loves blue, so that wasn't a tough sell, as I know uniforms can be for a lot of girl moms. But finding cute dark blue girls clothes is a lot harder than finding cute dark blue boys clothes, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Thankfully, one of our favourite Montreal-based brands, Luv Mother, has a lot of dark blue pieces that are completely lovely, not to mention ethically made. Luv Mother has been one of our favourite places to shop for merino wool heirloom pieces for years now. Their pieces have lasted through all of our kids (Chloe is now wearing things that have gone from Lily, to Oli, before her), and they're timeless and beautiful. The merino wool is soft and durable and great for every season, and I love that most of their styles come in dark purple and dark blue (I've said this before, but one of the best ways to make kids clothes last is to buy dark colours!) Not only does the dark blue hide stains, but they fit in seamlessly with any school uniform!

I've incorporated a few dark blue pieces from Luv Mother's new collection into Chloe's uniform this year and I love every piece so much - and it launches TODAY! On top of the dark blue leggings, sweat pants, and pullover, I love the classic blue cardigan (which is 40% off right now!) that Chloe chose for her first day outfit :) 

I've mentioned before that we follow the 1/3 rule for our kid's clothing and our own, as we aim to have a more conscious wardrobe. If you're unfamiliar with the 1/3 concept, it's to have a wardrobe that's comprised of 1/3 ethically made pieces, 1/3 secondhand pieces, and 1/3 mainstream pieces. I'd love to be 100% ethical with everything we own, and that's definitely the goal, but we also have to make allowances when dressing five people for four seasons on one income.

Do your kids wear school uniforms? It makes getting dressed so simple in the mornings (mom win!), but last year Oli did complain about having to wear the same "boring clothes" every day. His favourite colour is orange, so that was tough to sneak his uniform, haha! Chloe seems to love it, though. For a sneak peak at some of the other new Luv Mother pieces, check out our post from Charlevoix where we brought along the striped aha hoody and the dark blue leggings, or my stories (@emmorrice) where Chloe has on the lovely blue pull over.

This post is in collaboration with Luv Mother,
A company we have loved and supported for years.
To book a collaboration, contact me!


  1. Anonymous5.9.17

    I'm going to finally bite the bullet and buy one of the hoodies for my daughter. They look soooo cozy and versatile- I see your kids wearing them in so many of your pics!
    A question about the colours - have you tried the blueberry blue as well, or just Atlantic? It's hard to tell the difference on the computer, and I'm wondering if the blueberry is a bit more purple.

    I have a feeling I'm going to be jealous of my daughter's hoody and will be looking for a similar one for myself! ;-)

    Way to go on making it through the week of first days!

    1. the blueberry is a dark purple and the atlantic is a dark blue! I've seen them both and they're both lovely. you can see a baseball shirt on their site that's got both colours to compare. They really are great pieces! and with the classic collection at 40% off and everything else is 15% off when you use the links in my post - you're in good shape!

  2. Anonymous8.9.17

    We are the same about our sons' wardrobe, though my mom begs me to let her go shopping for them, and the times I have given in, I am strict about WHERE we are shopping from (because I am all about sourcing and ethical fair trade and such). Anyway, my boys fit all their clothes in one and a half drawers each in a dresser they share that we keep in their closet. It is a small dresser too. Yet they are perfectly satisfied with wearing the same shirt for a few days, so they embrace minimalism. hehe. It is nice.

    Your daughter's outfit is so cute! Luvmother sounds nice!


    1. yes! I love that. Our kids destroy their clothes so we always have to wash everything after one wear, but I do laundry daily, so they still only need a few shirts of each arm length and we're good to go!

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