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Hello from Europe!!

Here are a few links I thought you might like! I collected them just before leaving, since I won't be blogging while I'm here. But don't worry, I'm probably over-gramming like crazy on Instagram, so you can keep up there :)
  • Things that should exist for single people. Agreed!
  • Our youngest is in a particularly difficult stage right now (almost 4 years old), so I started reading Child Wise for parenting children ages 3 through 7, and it's incredible. I love their wise advice, and their approach to parenting. Highly recommend!
  • Man does my girl Modest Marce know how to nail a summer dessert. I'm excited to try her peach cobbler and her bourbon (yes!) banana (yes!) s'mores with homemade graham crackers (so much yes!)!
  • Before we left, my pals at Nellie Taft sent me this dress and I'm in love! It's made in the USA, under $50, and the perfect dress to take you from park to date night. I love clothes that work in various contexts. And ethically sourced, affordable clothes are kind of a unicorn. Check out their shop!
  • Do your kids go on sleepovers? Our kids don't, apart from the occasional sleepover at grandparents or aunts and uncles homes. Much of our hesitation is well explained in this article
  • This play house is ultimate! If only we had a yard...

  • Don't forget to use this link for $30 off your first outfit at Frank & Oak! Their tees and tanks are the greatest and they have a great selection of high waisted jeans! 
  • So predictable of Disney, urgh. 
  • Emily Henderson on go-to neutral paint colours, and my dream home. 

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  1. My sons have not gone on sleepovers yet, but there are a couple families I know that I would trust them going over to or their families would trust their kids coming here. We just haven't.