on tight-knit sibling relationships

I love these words on sibling relationships by Jen Wilkin (see the whole article here). They help explain, in part, why our kids haven't seen a single friend from school all summer, and why they're closer than ever because of it.

"Rather than separate fighters, we pushed them closer, assigning them a shared consequence (like a chore) to do together. It was not our job to “break it up” but to “bring it together.” If conflict continued, we canceled outside activities. Until they could get along with their best friend at home, outside friends could wait."

"Because deep friendship takes root in shared experiences, we spent countless hours of time together as a family. While we recognized the gift of outside friends and activities, we didn’t let either monopolize our kids’ free time. Their best friend from soccer would be a distant memory in 30 years, but the best friends they shared a last name with would be in their lives forever."

yes yes yes! 

All images by Rachel Cheng, Montreal-based family photographer. 

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  1. I love their sandals!! They are beautiful children. Love the quotes you posted too!